New Friday Training Times

Puppy 6.45pm
Junior 7.15pm
Beginner 7.45pm
Novice 8.30pm
Advanced 9.15pm


F​​​​​​rom September 2018 the fees for the Puppy class will be increasing to £30 for the 10 week course


All Puppy courses are full until September 2018

All Junior, Beginner ​​​​and Novice classes are full and closed to new members until further notice

We are sorry but due to class progression, we are unable to hold a waiting list for these classes

If places become available in any class, we will advertise them on the Website



There will be no Classes on  following dates

Tuesday 14th August
Friday 17th August

Tuesday 11th September and Friday 14th September


Silver and Gold Training will be on Tuesday 11th September

Bronze Test - Sunday 9th September
Silver Test - Sunday 21st October
Gold Test - Sunday 18th November



We do not plan to hold any Shows in 2018

Yearly membership fee is £10
Puppy for the June intake, Junior and Beginner Classes - £20 payable in advance
Novice Class - £2 pay on the night

Please note Membership and Class fees are non-refundable


All dog owners in England, Scotland and Wales have until 6 April 2016 to have their dog microchipped and to register them with a government compliant microchip database such as Petlog.
After that date, all puppies must be microchipped and recorded on a microchip database by the time they are 8 weeks old.
Any changes to an owner’s contact details must be updated on their microchip database to ensure compliance with the law. If a dog owner subsequently moves, changes contact telephone number, etc. then the dog is no longer considered microchipped under the new law and enforcement can be taken.
New Members: Please remember to bring your microchip and vaccination cards.












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